Hello Friends, My name is Cole Savoie. I grew up in Charlton Massachusetts, a large town with relatively few people. My current pursuit of my musical career started with a gift drum set my parents gave me at christmas around 2005 I believe. This led to drum lessons which led to joining my High school marching band. In this environment, surrounded by music I took it upon my self to pick up piano and guitar as well. After being in Marching band for 3 years I graduated high school and went straight to full sail to pick up a bachelors degree in Recording Arts to become an audio engineer.

When I graduate from Full Sail I have no particular quarrels about where I go my main goal after graduation is to lose this dept from student loans. Studios may be harder to get because they want all new people in the business to intern for a good amount of time. I would like to work for a video game company and work on and create audio for video games. After I have worked for a while and paid off a good amount of dept, hopefully all of it. I will take my experience and use that to go after a company I will want to work with, not have to. Right now I want to work with Rooster Teeth Productions company. I don’t imagine they can offer large incomes at the moment which is why I want to lose my debt before hand. Rooster Teeth is a company based solely in the internet, producing content that is extremely popular world wide. The way I see it Rooster Teeth Isn’t doing what’s popular now, it IS whats popular now and can only expand from here. I want to give back to this company That I have enjoyed for years using the only skill I really have at this point in time.

And thats basically where I am, How I got here, and where I want to be going.

Thank You


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