Peer Comment – Ryan Stunkel – Billy Joel Podcast

Hello there Ryan. I really liked your podcast it was very informative. you really abused the 3 minute minimum length but that made it that much more easier to listen to.Navigate to the blog of a classmate and discuss what they have written.
I agree that Billy Joel is an amazing musician and songwriter. and I feel as well that more people need to approach music like Billy Joel, with a level of expertise and professionalism above that of your peers.
I felt that the introduction of yourself was a bit lengthy for a three minute podcast that is supposed to be about Billy Joel but at the same time you got your feelings across about how you feel about the subject which is important because you are the only person we can get that information from. Remember that anyone else can go on wikipedia and find out about Billy Joel on their own. What you have to offer cant be found on any wiki or website.

Besides this one…

And the Youtube the video is from…

And my page ’cause im gonna copy and paste this comment…

No where else.


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