Motown is a record company that has been around since 1959. Motown is know for its crossover music styles and in the early 1960s helping racial integration. Because of how popular Motown records became, they became known as the Motown sound which is a style of soul music with pop influences. Motown is the owner of dozens of subsidiary lables including Tamla, Gordy, Soul, V.I.P., Mel-o-dy, Hitsville, Wondirection, Mad Sounds, Workshop Jazz, Blaze, Rare Earth, Morocco, Ocean Front, Divinity, Gull, Manticore Records, and many more. Motown has had a wide variety of very well know artists such as Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, the Jackson 5, Queen Latifiah, Bruce Willis, Drake Bell, and so much more.

It’s amazing how many artists Motown has been able to reach and influence over the years. Motown has been able to set up a clear name for itself even in its early years with racial integration, and has even made their own distinguishable sound in the industry, the Motown Sound.

After Looking into Motown for the first time I was honestly surprised when I found out how many subsidiaries they had for multiple genres. I am also surprised that there are easily 4-6 subsidiaries for one particular style of music. I don’t full understand the reasoning behind having so many branches of one company, why not have them all under a small hand full of names, not a never ending list.

I am going to look forward to when i am look for work because after seeing how deep some companies can go, how far their influence is, I am going to thoroughly research any place that might hire me and try to use that knowledge before hand, before even setting foot in a building ill use that knowledge to put myself ahead of every one else.


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